California Custom Parking Signs

parking signs
parking signs

Custom Parking Signs for California

Towing Signs posted in California must comply with California Vehicle Code 22658(a). This code is very specific regarding the size of the sign and the message on the sign.

Legal Parking Sign Printing

All of our Custom Parking Signs are California Legal. What you see are samples. The Top Line, The Police Number, even the Color can be changed. If you prefer to use another sign layout. Send us a photo, or desired verbiage, and we’ll duplicate it for free

Comply With California Law With The Right Parking Signs

Facing California parking regulations can be a daunting, confusing process. They fly in the face of much-needed creativity and are more about following rules than defining them. That’s why we offer California Custom Parking Signs that give you the opportunity to take control of your lot! Whatever message you want to deliver, we have no problem designing it for our sturdy aluminum signs on premium white sign material. Whether it’s for your home or your business lots. If you provide the information you need on the sign we’ll create it for you. We can even incorporate your logo on these if you desire.

Custom Parking Permits

custom sign

Parking Permit Details

  • Any Size or Shape

  • Sequentially numbered

  • Printed Full Color

  • Face or Back Adhesive

  • Your Logo Can be Included

  • Free Artwork Duplication

  • Call for Custom Quote

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